Salt Lake International Airport

Full Moon Howler

I worked at the United ticket counter for many years.

World Map Craftsman

My Dad and Uncle, Mike Pietramala and Jim Pietramali, and crew, were the ones that put that world map in

9/11 Brought Saddest Memory

I was hired at United Airlines in HR two weeks prior to 9/11.

Flood of Memories

I have a flood of memories of old SLC and I will miss it when it gets torn down.

Sorority Charades

I was a freshman at the University of Utah in 1969.

The President is Coming

President Milt and Sister Karlyn Russon (my Dad and Mom) had served in Australia as mission president for the Church

The Only Way to Fly

I was born and raised in West Valley City.

Surprise Engagement

For two or three years in the late 1990s and 2000, my husband commuted to work in the Long Beach

Fun and Games on the World Map

I remember the world map on the floor inside the main door.

A Special Place

Dear Salt Lake International Airport, I am certain you have no idea what a special place you are.

Bouquet of Flowers

A beautiful bouquet of flowers was waiting for me on my luggage carousel.

Gone but not Forgotten

My fondest memories are from the 1960s when my father would fly out of SLC for his work.

The Good Old Days

I loved to go to the airport with my parents as a child.

A Tour for Grandma

My grandmother had never seen a jet airplane or even been to the airport.

Breaking News

I was in the airport when the news broke that Elizabeth Smart had been found.

A Lasting Memory

Time was mid 1980s.

Propeller Race

When my older brother and I were young, our parents used to take us down to St.

World Map Wonders

In 1966 we were traveling to Asia.

My first – and best – airport experience

My father worked in Idaho Falls for the Atomic Energy Commission’s Chicago office in the 1960s and flew through SLC

Several Nostalgic Memories

My father was a salesman so we spent a lot of time at the airport which at the time only

Homebase Airport

SLC was the first airport that I started traveling out of to support my business career.

Come for the food, stay for the adventure!

During the fiscal years of 2010 through 2015, I was working for a communications company.

First Flight out of SLC

My favorite memories of SLC come from the days before Terminal 2 was built…back when we would have to step

Fun and Games on the World Map

In 1979-81, several of us would play Risk on the World Map in Terminal 1.