Salt Lake International Airport

Special Guest Departure

In 1983, I was in college and I was on a committee that brought in speakers to Utah State University.

Propeller Race

When my older brother and I were young, our parents used to take us down to St.

World Map Wonders

In 1966 we were traveling to Asia.

My first – and best – airport experience

My father worked in Idaho Falls for the Atomic Energy Commission’s Chicago office in the 1960s and flew through SLC

Several Nostalgic Memories

My father was a salesman so we spent a lot of time at the airport which at the time only

Homebase Airport

SLC was the first airport that I started traveling out of to support my business career.

Come for the food, stay for the adventure!

During the fiscal years of 2010 through 2015, I was working for a communications company.

First Flight out of SLC

My favorite memories of SLC come from the days before Terminal 2 was built…back when we would have to step

Fun and Games on the World Map

In 1979-81, several of us would play Risk on the World Map in Terminal 1.

A Surprise Proposal

It was the fall of 1995 and my then boyfriend dropped me off (at the gate) for a three week

Escalator Fun

My daughter was a month shy of turning two when my wife and I took her on her first flight.

Good Times at SLC

I have many memories of SLC International…one of my favorite places on earth.

The World Map Inspires a Future Flight Attendant

The world map is my favorite part of the SLC Airport.

Lesson Learned: Never Late Again

In 1964, I was traveling from Wolf Point, MT, to Albuquerque, NM, for my junior year of college.

A Sweet Celebration

I’ve seen it a million times – I’ve even experienced it for myself.

The Impact of 9/11

As the events of 9/11 unfolded, Salt Lake City International Airport became a very different kind of place.

Memories of the World Map

For travelers and non-travelers alike, the World Map in Terminal One has been a source of wonder and inspiration.

Working at the Airport Provides Camaraderie

The Salt Lake City International Airport is a vibrant, dynamic place for passengers, with all the anticipation of traveling somewhere