Salt Lake International Airport

9/11 Brought Saddest Memory

I was hired at United Airlines in HR two weeks prior to 9/11. My mom worked at United, my dad worked at Delta, and my husband was flying for Southwest. When 9/11 hit I was responsible to help clear Terminal 1 and get all of the LDS missionaries picked back up. We didn’t have any television screens in the terminal then and the only news we got was from our airline teletype machines or a phone call. I spoke to my husband who was in Phoenix getting ready to depart for NYC. We spent the day on pins and needles. Someone finally brought a black and white television with rabbit ears into the office so that we could see what was happening. Later in the afternoon I left the office (located near B3) and walked across the hall to use the restroom. I will never forget how frightening it felt when the only sound I could hear was the click of my own heals on the floor of the concourse.
I always say that the airport is the happiest and saddest place you can ever be. That is, hands down, the saddest memory that the old terminal holds for anyone who was there

– Stacie W.