Salt Lake International Airport

Come for the food, stay for the adventure!

During the fiscal years of 2010 through 2015, I was working for a communications company. I had the privilege of being flown all over the U.S. The majority of the time I was sent to the eastern states, Texas and the eastern sea board. Having flown over 430,548 miles in two years, I had ample opportunity to sample airport food across the nation. I basically lived off of airport food. I could’ve written a blog of the best places to eat at any given airport east of the Mississippi.

In 2012, I took some vacation time and decided to spend it in California. I had a connection in Salt Lake where I had a 2 hour layover. I walked about for a bit then decided to have a bite to eat. I came across Vivace Cucina Toscana. Being a lover Italian food I gave them a try. Ordered the baked Lasagna and topped it off with a Tiramisu.

Right hand to God -It was the best Lasagna (sorry Mom) I’d ever eaten. The Tiramisu could only be described as a dream that was so light it floated to the table. After the trip to California any time work flew me anywhere I tried desperately to have a connecting flight through SLC. With no luck. So I kept myself broke flying to SLC and back home nearly every weekend to treat myself to lasagna and a quick 5 hour drive to hike some red desert canyons. —Matthew