Salt Lake International Airport

What’s your airport story?

Celebrity sightings. Love stories. Doppelgängers. Heart-wrenching goodbyes. They all happen at the Salt Lake City International Airport, along with lots of other experiences that are touching, memorable, hilarious, or just downright weird. Ready to share yours?

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Pay Toilets in the ’70s

I remember dropping my brother off in 1971 to go to basic training in San Diego for the Marines (and

Full Moon Howler

I worked at the United ticket counter for many years.

World Map Craftsman

My Dad and Uncle, Mike Pietramala and Jim Pietramali, and crew, were the ones that put that world map in

9/11 Brought Saddest Memory

I was hired at United Airlines in HR two weeks prior to 9/11.

Flood of Memories

I have a flood of memories of old SLC and I will miss it when it gets torn down.

Sorority Charades

I was a freshman at the University of Utah in 1969.

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