Salt Lake International Airport

What’s your airport story?

Celebrity sightings. Love stories. Doppelgängers. Heart-wrenching goodbyes. They all happen at the Salt Lake City International Airport, along with lots of other experiences that are touching, memorable, hilarious, or just downright weird. Ready to share yours?

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Come for the food, stay for the adventure!

During the fiscal years of 2010 through 2015, I was working for a communications company.

First Flight out of SLC

My favorite memories of SLC come from the days before Terminal 2 was built…back when we would have to step

Fun and Games on the World Map

In 1979-81, several of us would play Risk on the World Map in Terminal 1.

A Surprise Proposal

It was the fall of 1995 and my then boyfriend dropped me off (at the gate) for a three week

Escalator Fun

My daughter was a month shy of turning two when my wife and I took her on her first flight.

Good Times at SLC

I have many memories of SLC International…one of my favorite places on earth.