Salt Lake International Airport

What’s your airport story?

Celebrity sightings. Love stories. Doppelgängers. Heart-wrenching goodbyes. They all happen at the Salt Lake City International Airport, along with lots of other experiences that are touching, memorable, hilarious, or just downright weird. Ready to share yours?

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Bouquet of Flowers

A beautiful bouquet of flowers was waiting for me on my luggage carousel.

Gone but not Forgotten

My fondest memories are from the 1960s when my father would fly out of SLC for his work.

The Good Old Days

I loved to go to the airport with my parents as a child.

A Tour for Grandma

My grandmother had never seen a jet airplane or even been to the airport.

Breaking News

I was in the airport when the news broke that Elizabeth Smart had been found.

A Lasting Memory

Time was mid 1980s.

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