Let it Snow! Deicing Operations at SLC are Ready for the Winter Travel Season

If you’re worried about snow and ice impacting your holiday travel plans, you can rest a bit easier knowing Salt Lake City International Airport’s (SLC) deicing facility is one of the most efficient in the country. “When SLC was planning the new deicing facility the airlines were asked what their ideal operation would be,” said… Read more »

SLC Passes Inspection with Flying Colors

The Salt Lake City International Airport (SLC) has completed its annual Part 139 Airport Operating Certification inspection for 2019 and passed with flying colors.  For the fourth consecutive year, SLC had zero write-ups. Airport Operating Certifications exist to ensure safety at airports and in air transportation. Requirements to be certified differ based on the size… Read more »

SLC’s Sign (Shop) of the Times

When Cory Lyman gets to work each morning, he knows that anything can come his way but has one main priority: safety. “The first thing I think about is safety,” Cory said. “If someone is going to get hurt because there’s not a sign telling them where to go, or if a snowplow takes out… Read more »

SLC’s Green Guru

Indoor plants do more than give us something beautiful to look at.  They clean the air, regulate humidity, increase positivity levelsand create calmness and relaxation. Plants are in museums, public parks, commercial buildings, office spaces and, yes, even airports.  The Salt Lake City International Airport (SLC) is no exception. What’s remarkable about SLC, however, isn’t… Read more »

Managing Wildlife at the Salt Lake City International Airport

When you think about airport operations, probably the last thing to cross your mind is animals on the airfield. But that’s a big part of the Salt Lake City Department of Airport’s wildlife mitigation team, which spends their days tracking and modifying spaces on and around the airport to keep the airfield safe. Aside from… Read more »

After more than 30 years at Salt Lake City International Airport, Larry Bowers is set to retire

Larry Bowers has occupied just about every role there is during his 30-plus year career at the Salt Lake City International Airport (SLC). Airport police? Check. Firearms trainer? Check. Terminal Services? Double check. Parking Liaison? Been there. Ground Transportation Supervisor? He could do it in his sleep. Airport Service Agent for Continental Airlines? Done that…. Read more »

SLC Decks Its Halls for the Holidays

It’s not uncommon for airports to get in the festive spirit. Holiday displays attract travelers for layovers and give passengers a glimpse into the traditions and culture of the community they are passing through. Perhaps more importantly, holiday decor can help cheer travelers during the busy holiday travel season. For the holidays, Salt Lake City… Read more »

SLC Airport’s Shoe Shiner Extraordinaire

If you’ve visited the Salt Lake City International Airport (SLC) over the past 28 years, chances are you’ve seen JC Wilson, shoe-shiner extraordinaire at Goodfellow’s Shoeshine. Positioned at the top of the escalators in Terminal 1 after security screening, he sits in a leather-backed chair in front of his elevated wooden workstation, waiting for customers… Read more »