SLC Passes Inspection with Flying Colors

Photo by James Udall

The Salt Lake City International Airport (SLC) has completed its annual Part 139 Airport Operating Certification inspection for 2019 and passed with flying colors.  For the fourth consecutive year, SLC had zero write-ups.

Airport Operating Certifications exist to ensure safety at airports and in air transportation. Requirements to be certified differ based on the size of an airport and the types of flights available.

“This is a federal mandate that governs the certification of commercial airports around the nation,” said Al Stuart, assistant operations director for SLC. “It details all the rules we need to follow as an airport to stay certified.”

Part 139 establishes regulations and requirements for operating a commercial airport, set forth by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA). A Part 139 certified airport must have a FAA-approved Airport Certification Manual that includes detailed plans and procedures for snow removal, low visibility operations, emergencies, pavement maintenance, wildlife management and more.

“This inspection is important to us,” Stuart said. “It’s essentially a report card for airfield operations. When we’re able to pull off an inspection with zero write-ups, that means we’ve done our job.”

SLC prepares for the inspection by writing and developing the manual, which addresses each set of regulations and describes how the airport will maintain its 139 certification. This includes standards for training and personnel, in addition to airfield operations plans and procedures. The inspections occur annually, but the FAA can also make unannounced inspections.

“I have so much confidence in our team,” explained Stuart. “We’ve established a culture at SLC that enables us to keep the airport up to the FAA’s Part 139 standards year-round. The inspectors could show up at any time, and we like to always be as prepared as possible.”

Congratulations to SLC Operations for a job well done! To read more about FAA Part 139 Airport Certification, click here .