Salt Lake International Airport

Lesson Learned: Never Late Again

In 1964, I was traveling from Wolf Point, MT, to Albuquerque, NM, for my junior year of college. The airline was Frontier and my flight had a one hour layover in Salt Lake City. Since I had not been in the SLC airport before, I decided to deplane and look around. After looking in all the shops and spending some time at the news stand looking at magazines, I glanced at my watch and saw that the departure time of my flight was minutes away. I had obviously not been paying attention when my flight was announced. I raced to the gate and saw through the window that the DC 3 had both engines turning and the gate was closed. In a panicked voice, I told the gate attendant that was my flight. The gate attendant contacted the pilot who then shut down the left engine and I was allowed to board. I can’t imagine that accommodation being made today, but I also have never been late for a flight again.        Marty L.