Salt Lake International Airport

The World Map Inspires a Future Flight Attendant

The world map is my favorite part of the SLC Airport. When I was a little girl, my mother would bring all four of us to the airport. We would be waiting for a family member flying in and I would run around that map and dream of going to all the exciting places in the world. I remember saying I am going to travel and see this great big world when I grow up! And the universe must of heard me all those years ago because back in 1977, I became a flight attendant for Key Airlines—when flights departed out of the B gates, which did not have jet ways. In 1980, I flew for the old Frontier Airlines based in SLC, the airport was my campus and I knew it very well. Every time I came home, I’d look for the map–it was my old friend. Then in 1987, I was hired by Delta Air Lines and again I was able to fly out of SLC and my favorite airport where everyone was always so friendly and happy to have jobs. That was when Terminal 2 was built. I would walk thru Terminal 1 just to see the map. I would to look see how many places I was fortunate to visit. I love that map. Let’s hope the new airport will have one for a child to dream of seeing the world!  Yvette S.