Lost & Found reunites misplaced items with owners

With more than 24 million passengers traveling through the Salt Lake City International Airport (SLC) each year, there are bound to be some misplaced, forgotten or lost items that are left behind. From skis and computers to wallets and phones, there is a variety of passenger belongings that end up in the SLC Airport’s Lost & Found office.

Passengers may not realize the SLC Airport has a lost and found service that aims to reunite owners with lost property. Every week hundreds of items are turned into Lost & Found, which is located in the SLC Department of Airports office in Terminal 1, second floor. (The entrance is through the glass doors at the top of the escalators.)

During the past month, nearly 1,600 items have been dropped off at the Lost & Found office. The number one item turned in is clothing, followed by computer and electronic items. Occasionally, unique items—such as fresh-cut elk antlers or a prosthetic leg—find their way into the Lost & Found office as well.

The SLC Airport has recently implemented an online lost item claims process that allows users to view items that have been returned in order to better identify whether or not it is their item. It’s important to note that if passengers leave an item on an airplane, they should contact the airline directly.

To access the webpage, click here. Users can file a lost item claim form on the webpage.

Once Airport staff determine the rightful owner of an item, they will either mail it at the owner’s expense or arrange for a pick-up at the Lost & Found office, which is open 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. (MST), Monday through Friday, excluding holidays.

Most items are held for up to 30 days before being disposed, auctioned or donated, if the owner is not located. Due to health and safety reasons, food items/containers, drink containers, neck pillows and soiled clothing are only held until the end of business day before being discarded.

More information on Lost & Found is available here on the Airport’s website.