SLC Airport’s Lost and Found Team – Going Above and Beyond!

If you have ever lost a personal item here at Salt Lake City International Airport, chances are you’ve spoken to one of our amazing Lost and Found staff members. Loreigh Riney, Kristen Elder and Janette Gonzales answer phone calls, emails and online inquiries every day to reunite passengers with their misplaced articles. It isn’t uncommon for one of these individuals to race through the terminals to return a cell phone to a passenger or mail a beloved stuffed animal to a young, out-of-state traveler.

Lost and Found

Janette Gonazles, Loreigh Riney and Kristen Elder (L to R) are SLC’s Lost and Found Superheroes! 

Salt Lake City International Airport returns approximately 3,000 lost items each year! But it takes a collective, collaborative team of employees to be successful. Airport Lost and Found works closely with terminal and landside officers, parking staff, control center, airport police, concessions, TSA and airlines to return lost belongings to their rightful owners.

As you can imagine, our Lost and Found office has collected their share of success stories throughout the years. Loreigh’s best memory of working in Lost and Found was locating and returning the “lucky hat” of famous cinematographer Stephen Goldblatt. Several years ago, after finding genealogy records and old family photos, Kristen tracked down the original owners with a trial subscription to  Janette remembers going above and beyond to help return a passport to an international passenger who needed it before her flight. These are just a few examples of the amazing customer service they provide day in and day out.

While we hope that your belongings make it safely with you during your travels at the airport, we recognize that doesn’t always happen. Should you need their assistance, the Lost and Found office is located in Terminal One and open Monday through Friday from 8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. You can contact their office at 801-575-2427, or report a lost item online. (If you ever left an item on a plane or near a gate, remember to check with your airline.)

Going above and beyond isn’t just for airplanes. It’s the way we operate here at SLC International!