Salt Lake City International Remains the Nation’s Most On-Time Airport

Once again, Salt Lake City International has been named the #1 airport in the country for on-time departures! This according to a yearly analysis conducted by the Bureau of Transportation Statistics and reported by Travel and Leisure Magazine this month. SLC is no stranger to this title and has consistently received top marks for on-time departures (and arrivals) throughout the years.

Many people ask us how SLC maintains its punctual record. A lot of credit is due to our world-class Operations staff that maintains the airfield, plows runways, de-ices airplanes, and keeps the airport functioning every single day. Our dedicated team of FAA employees works to safely and efficiently clear landings and takeoffs and keeps navigation aids working properly.

Additionally, we are fortunate to be served by eight airlines that provide reliable service to our passengers and our community. Delta Air Lines, our major air carrier, typically ranks among the top of the list for on-time performance. Salt Lake City’s convenient inter-mountain location, orientation, and geography also contribute to our impressive on-time history.

For all these reasons, SLC is glad to own the bragging rights to “most on-time airport” for another year!