Questions and Answers 

All questions regarding the Mid Concourse Tunnel Mural Opportunities are to be directed only to the Salt Lake City International Airport's communication coordinator at All questions and responses will be posted here for all applicants and potential applicants to review. 

Can artists utilize other media for the murals besides paint? 
This project is specifically for a traditional paint applicaiton.

Will artists have access to power outlets and electricity in the tunnel during the mural installation? 

Are there limits to the working hours of installation? 
The job site is open from 5:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. Monday through Saturday. 

Will the airport provide designated parking for artist and artist teams?

Do the walls need to be primed? 
Yes. The airport will apply a base paint on the wall. It will be the artist's responsibility to confirm their paint medium will be compatible with the base paint.

Can spray paint be used?

 I'm an artist who resides out of the country. Will my application be considered? 
For this project, only artists who reside in the U.S. will be considered. 

Do you have a photo of the Mid-Concourse Tunnel location?
IMG 2910IMG 2912