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The New SLC: Rebuilding for the Future

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Building a new airport is a massive undertaking, but the end result was well worth the effort. Prior to opening The New SLC, Salt Lake City International Airport (SLC) served more than 26 million passengers a year from facilities that were designed 50 years ago, which were intended to serve half as many travelers.

A lot has changed since the early 1960s. SLC has grown into a hub airport, with many flights arriving and leaving around the same time. Security needs have evolved, and there is a need for buildings that meet earthquake safety standards.

SLC's former facilities served the community well, but it’s time to make way for the next generation of airport design.

Say Hello to The New SLC.

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The New SLC construction is making a tremendous economic impact on Salt Lake City and the State of Utah. Learn more by reading the 2013 Economic Impact Analysis, the 2018 Economic Impact Analysis and the 2024 Economic Impact Analysis.

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