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Pick Up and Drop Off

Separate pick up and drop off areas are available for arriving and departing passengers at SLC. The far left lane is for pick up and the right lane is for drop off. Passengers flying with Delta Air Lines, and its partners, will use Terminal 2, and all other passengers will use Terminal 1. The International Terminal is for passengers arriving on international flights. Please note that no parking or waiting is allowed along the curb and unattended cars will be towed. There is a 13-foot height restriction to drive in front of the terminals to pick up or drop off passengers.

Passenger Pickup


Park and Wait Lot 

Park and Wait Lot

The airport’s free Park and Wait Lot allows drivers to wait for arriving passengers until they are ready to be picked up. The lot is located west of Terminal Drive, just south of Terminal 1.

Park and Wait offers an alternative to circling the terminals or parking in the hourly/daily parking lot, and provides large electronic flight information signs displaying flight arrival information. Once the flight has arrived and time is allowed for passengers to receive luggage, the sign indicates “ready for pick up.” However, the airport encourages drivers to wait for pick-up until passengers are at the curb, confirming with their arriving passenger via cell phone. 

The airport has an idle-free policy and we encourage drivers to abide by this policy in the Park and Wait Lot. 

On June 1, 2017, the Park and Wait Lot moved to a new location, south of the existing lot and to the west of Terminal Drive. Click here for maps of the new location.