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Parking Garage


Parking Garage Spot Availability

No Overnight Parking in Level 2



Parking Garage Rates

Hourly/Daily Parking
Hourly rate $5
Daily Maximum $40
Premium Reserved Parking
Premium Reserved Parking ($10 per hour or fraction thereof to a daily max of $55) $60

The parking garage has a clearance height of 8 feet 6 inches.

The Hourly/Daily Parking is located in the garage directly south of the terminal. This garage offers convenience of indoor covered parking with benefit of being directly adjacent to the terminal. The airport's parking structure provides the highest level of convenience, within a short walk of the terminal. Parking for drivers with disabilities is available on all four levels of the garage for the economy lot rate of $12 per day. Cash and all major credit cards are accepted.

Premium Reserved Parking is available on the second level of the garage near the terminal doors, providing the highest level of parking service and amenities for $60 per day. It’s the most convenient parking available, located just steps away from the skybridges to the terminal. Oversized vehicles and ADA needs can be accommodated. An attendant is available to assist customers and concierge services may be added in the future. Guests without reservations can be accommodated if space is available. 

For additional information, including parking availability, contact our parking staff at (801) 575-2887.