Reports & Requests

AVI Vehicle History Report

This report lists vehicle activity through the airports automated vehicle identification (AVI) system.  Please allow 24-48 hours to process your request.  Requests may only be made for your company or your vehicle if you are an independent driver.  To submit a request, contact the Ground Transportation Office for assistance.

Cleared Background Checks

When your background check and security threat assessment have been completed, your name will be posted to the website. You (or your company) are responsible for checking for cleared results. Allow 5 to 14 days for clearance.

If your results have not cleared after 14 days, contact the Access Control/ID Badging Office for assistance.

Public Records Request

The Government Records Access and Management Act (GRAMA) provides that “every person has the right to inspect a public record free of charge, and the right to take a copy of a public record during normal working hours, subject to Sections 63G-2-203 and 63G-2-204.” (U.C.A. § 63G-2-201)

To submit an online records request and access information on GRAMA at the: SLC PUBLIC RECORDS CENTER.
You may also send your completed request form directly to the Salt Lake City Department of Airports.



      Salt Lake City Department of Airports
      P.O. Box 145550
      Salt Lake City, UT 84114-5550

FAX to: 

      (801) 575-2041

Hand-Deliver to:

      776 N. Terminal Drive, TU1
      2nd Floor, Administrative Offices
      Salt Lake City, Utah 84122

Providing specific information in a written request will ensure that the request is fulfilled accurately.  


Fee Schedule 

Fees may be charged for research, copying, and mailing of the requested public information. Please visit the Salt Lake City Consolidated Fee Schedule for additional information on records fees.

Ride Share Credit Request

Please use one of the following forms when submitting credit requests for your TNC trips.

Forms must be submitted to the following email address: