Operating Requirements

Those wishing to provide ground transportation in Salt Lake City must complete the following steps:

  1. Register the company name with the Utah State Department of Commerce.
  2. Secure a Salt Lake City Business License for providing Ground Transportation Service, as required by Salt Lake City Code Sections 5.02 and 5.04.
  3. Read and become familiar with the Ground Transportation Ordinances in Salt Lake City Code Sections 5.71, 5.72, 16.60, and 16.64. All provisions of the Salt Lake City Code for Title 5 and 16 can be found here
  4. Read and become familiar with the Salt Lake City International Airport Rules and Regulations regarding ground transportation.
  5. Register the company with the Salt Lake City Department of Airports Ground Transportation Administration Office. The following will be required to complete the registration process:

Vehicle Insurance must be emailed or faxed to the Ground Transportation office by your insurance company or agent before scheduling an appointment. Insurance documents may be emailed to SLCAirportGT@slcgov.com or faxed to 801-908-7220. The following insurance forms and amounts are required:

  • Certificate of Liability for Insurance (Also called the Acord Form): Vehicles with a seating capacity 1-15 passengers must have a minimum automobile liability insurance amount of $1 million. Vehicles with a passenger seating capacity of 16 or above must have a minimum automobile liability insurance amount of $5 million.
  • Additional Insured: All policies must include Salt Lake City Corporation as the additional insured. A separate Additional Insured or Designated Insured form must accompany the Accord form.

Read through this Ground Transportation Insurance Checklist, and complete or provide the following.

  1. Complete a Ground Transportation Registration Form
  2. Provide proof a current Utah State Safety Inspection.
  3. Provide proof of State registration and licensing.

Read through this New Company Checklist for further assistance.