Interstate Bus Permit

Interstate operators are covered under the DOT which exempts them from most of our city ordinances for Ground Transportation. You will need to complete and submit a Registration Form, along with a copy of your DOT MC Certificate. You will then need to call and schedule an appointment for the vehicle to stop by our office to have an AVI affixed.

Our operating hours are Monday - Thursday 0800 - 1600, and Friday 0800 - 1500.  Please make sure to contact our office and schedule your appointment.  Walk in appointments are available, but they are not guaranteed for expedited service.

Day Use Permit

Currently we do not offer single use passes for out of state companies to operate at our airport. Please follow the instructions above, and contact our office to make an appointment to have an AVI tag affixed to your vehicle prior to dropping off or picking up passengers at the airport. Charter buses caught operating at the airport without an AVI tag are subject to a citation and fines per Salt Lake City Ordinance.

All ground transportation providers must comply with the specific requirements of Salt Lake City Ground Transportation Ordinances and Rules and Regulations, which includes the payment of fees as shown in the AVI Rate Schedule.

Airport Operating Areas

Interstate operators are allowed to pick up and drop off in two areas within the terminal front area.  There are two areas (Purple Curb) are in the middle lane, and are designated for interstate operators.  Operators caught picking up or dropping off outside these areas will be subject to a citation. The following map shows the terminal front zones.