Ground Transportation Frequently Asked Questions

What is required to start a Ground Transportation company?

You will first need to complete and submit a Registration Form that can be found on our website. Your company will need to be registered with the state of Utah, and you will have to acquire a Salt Lake City Business License. Each vehicle that you are going to register under your company will need to have a State Safety Inspection completed. Contact your insurance agent and have them send our office the Acord Form for your policy. Your company name and the fleet number will need to be permanently affixed to each vehicle. You will also want to read and understand the city ordinances and airport rules and regulations to ensure your vehicles are in compliance.

How do I schedule my new vehicle for an inspection?

The vehicle must pass a State Safety Inspection and your insurance company must have sent our office the Acord Form document. The name of your company must be permanently affixed to both sides of your vehicle above the tire (lettering must be 2 inches in height or bigger and high contrast to your vehicles color) and the fleet number for the vehicle must be on the rear window. Once all of these requirements have been met, please call our office to schedule your appointment.

How much does it cost to register a company or vehicle?

There is no charge for registering a company or a vehicle. Our inspection process, the AVI tag and Department Seal are all provided free of charge.

Where do I go to get my vehicle inspected?

Vehicle inspections take place at the Ground Transportation Administration Office: 218 N 2200 W, Salt Lake City UT 84116.

I’ve hired a new operator to drive for our company. Do I as the owner need to bring in their vehicle for inspection, or can they do it?

You as the owner of the company can authorize new operators to bring their vehicle on under your company name. You do not need to personally bring the vehicle in; the new operator can have their vehicle inspected as long as we have received your authorization to add them to your company profile.

Do we need to make an appointment every time we come to your office?

It is recommended that you make an appointment for every visit to our office, especially when your vehicle needs an inspection. Walk ins are welcome, but scheduled appointments will always be assisted before walk ins.

The seal on the back of my vehicle is missing, what should I do?

If you notice your seal has fallen off your vehicle, every attempt to recover it should be made. Once it has been located, or if you are unable to find it, please contact our office immediately to have a new one affixed to your vehicle.

I need to replace my windshield, can I remove the AVI tag and reaffix it to my new windshield?

No. If you need to replace your windshield, please call our office and request permission to remove the AVI tag. You will need to bring that old AVI tag to our office along with your vehicle to have a new one placed on the vehicle. If you fail to return the removed AVI tag there is a $500 charge for non-return of government property.

The state of Utah discontinued the requirement for my personal vehicle to receive a yearly safety inspection. Why am I required to perform a Safety Inspection on my Ground Transportation vehicle?

Under Utah State Code 41-1a-205 a State Safety Inspection is required for: A bus or van for hire, a taxicab, or a motor vehicle operated by a ground transportation service provider as defined in Section 72-10-601. This Safety Inspection must be completed every year, and a copy should be kept in the vehicle at all times.

What is the minimum liability for insurance?

Per 5.71.140 every ground transportation vehicle shall be covered by automobile liability insurance, when the vehicle is available for or being used for the transportation of persons using Salt Lake City streets for commercial purposes, at the minimum levels of coverage set forth by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA), 49 CFR 387.33, or by the Utah Department of Transportation (UDOT), or by the United States Department of Transportation, whichever levels are higher. 

My vehicle was involved in an accident, and was declared a total loss. How do I avoid getting charged for not returning the AVI tag and seal?

To avoid getting charged $500 for a non-returned AVI tag and $500 for non-return of a department seal you will need to provide our office with a copy of the police report showing that the vehicle was declared a total loss.

My vehicle was involved in an accident and I was given a rental car to use while it is repaired. Can I use this vehicle for my business?

Yes. This vehicle is still required to meet all the same requirements your current vehicle does. You will need to contact your insurance agent and have the rental vehicle added to your insurance policy. The agent will need to send us a copy of the updated policy. The rental vehicle will need to have your company name and a fleet number permanently affixed, and it will need to have a State Safety Inspection completed on it. Once you have met all of these requirements, please contact our office to have the vehicle inspected.

If my company will only be operating Ground Transportation business in the city, and not at the airport, do I need to register with your department and get an airport badge?

Yes. Under ordinance, any vehicle providing Ground Transportation at the airport or in the city must be registered with our office and receive an airport badge.

I received my monthly bill from the airport, and I have questions about some of the charges. Who should I contact?

Billing issues should be directed to our Finance department; our office does not handle any financial issues. The Finance department can be reached at 801-322-6464 or at

I received a citation in the mail, and would like to contest it. Who do I contact?

Once a citation has been issued, our office is unable to assist you with it. Please contact the Hearing Office downtown at the City County Building, 451 S State Street Room 145. They will be able to assist you with citation and contesting you would like to initiate.

Where do I pay my citation?

Citations are handled at the Hearing Office which is located in the City County Building in Downtown Salt Lake. They are located at: 451 S. State Street Room 145

Why are the fees associated with citations so high?

The ordinances and fees that regulate Ground Transportation operations are voted on and enacted into law by the Salt Lake City Council. These ordinances and fees are regularly reviewed and rewritten as needed.

How long are the driver’s badge good for?

A driver’s badge is good for 2 years from when it was issued. Please be aware of your expiration date and plan on scheduling your renewal appointment at least 6 weeks prior to the expiration date. For more information please see the Badging section of the airports website.

I lost my airport badge or I forgot it at home, can I still operate?

No. In order for you to be legal to operate in the City of Salt Lake or at the airport you must have your badge with you, displayed in your vehicle. If you choose to operate at the airport without your badge you will be subject to a citation and fines.

Am I required to wear my badge at all time while providing Ground Transportation Services?

No. Your operator’s badge does not need to be worn on your body at all times. It does, however, have to be clearly visible in your vehicle for passengers to see whenever you are providing Ground Transportation.

What do I need to do to register my bus?

Interstate operators are covered under the DOT which exempts them from most of our city ordinances for Ground Transportation. You will need to complete and submit a Registration Form that can be found on our website, along with a copy of your DOT MC Certificate. You will then need to call and schedule an appointment for the vehicle to stop by our office to have an AVI affixed to the windshield.

Can I buy a pass at the Airport for an out of state passenger drop off/pick up in a charter bus?

We do offer "Pay for Use" passes.  Please visit our Interstate Operator page for more information.  We do encourage those operating at a high frequency to register with our office and have an AVI affixed to their vehicle. Charter buses caught operating at the airport without paying an entry fee or not having an AVI tag are subject to a citation and fines per Salt Lake City Ordinance.

Where do our buses enter in the airport?

As you enter the airport, follow the Ground Transportation signs to the “Drop Off” lane on the ground level. Buses operate in the Bravo (B) Lane, and can drop off between 3B and 5B.

If I no longer want to offer Ground Transportation, are there steps I need to take to close my company or retire a vehicle?

Per Salt Lake City Ordinance; when a company or driver no longer wishes to operate as a Ground Transportation provider they must return the Department Seal and AVI tag that were affixed to each vehicle being retired. The name of the company and fleet number must also be removed from the vehicle. Failure to return the Seal and AVI will result in a charge to the company of $500 for each item not returned.

When I retire my vehicle from Ground Transportation, can I keep my company name on the vehicle?

No. If you are seen driving a marked vehicle around the City of Salt Lake or at the Airport that does not have an AVI tag and Department Seal on it you will be subject to a citation and fine for a non-registered vehicle.