Filming Requests

All commercial photography and video, motion picture and television filming at Salt Lake City International Airport (SLC), South Valley Regional Airport (SVRA) and Tooele Valley Airport (TVA) must adhere to all established rules, regulations, fee schedules and policies of the airport.

These requirements are not intended for news media photography and video or personal photography or video. Student projects, non-commercial projects or not-for-profit organizations will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis to determine fees and insurance requirements.

The airport's Public Relations and Marketing director reviews all filming requests. Only Salt Lake City Department of Airports (SLCDA) forms will be executed by the City. The airport does not sign filming release forms since this is addressed in the SLCDA’s contract language.

Filming requests can be made by email or by calling the Public Relations and Marketing Director at (801) 575-2768.

Rules and Regulations

  1. All filming operations must be conducted at such time and under such conditions as may be acceptable to the Airport to avoid interference with traffic or inconvenience to airport patrons and tenants.  In many cases, especially in public areas of the airport terminal, filming/photography must be restricted to times when activity is at a minimum.
  2. Compliance with the Airport Security Program, Federal Aviation Administration, Transportation Security Administration (TSA) regulations and directives and airport directives is mandatory for all cast and crew members.  Requirements include the following:
    1.  a. No equipment or baggage may be left unattended at any time.  Unattended items are subject to search and may be removed or destroyed.
    2.  b. Filming is not permitted in the area of the TSA security checkpoint unless the crew has express permission from the TSA and is escorted by a TSA representative.
    3. c. Filming is not permitted past the security checkpoints or in any secure areas of the airport terminal without prior approval. All persons permitted to film beyond security checkpoints must be under an authorized escort and are subject to standard security screening measures.
    4.  d. The production company will promptly follow all orders, requests and directions from SLCDA. The SLCDA reserves the right to halt production at any time and/or deny the use of its facilities. Certain airport events, such as emergencies, will take immediate priority, and may prompt SLCDA to cease production immediately if public safety or other operational concerns warrant.  In the event it halts production, the SLCDA shall not be responsible for any damages or losses that may be incurred by the production company.

Airport Filming Overview

Deposit & Fees

A non-refundable deposit is required based on the number of people on site before filming or activity commences. The deposit will be deducted from the total fee amount. Fees are determined by the basic location charge (determined by number of people), number of airport employees required on-site, parking, assistance from airport vehicles as well as other charges such as janitorial services.

Site Use/Tenant Relations

Before filming or other activity can commence, the Airport Location Agreement & Release must be signed and notarized by an authorized individual from the production company and returned to the airport. Insurance certificates and a deposit must also be returned to before any production commences. A complete script, if applicable, must be provided with airport scenes highlighted. SLCDA requires a minimum of 15 working days to review all applications, treatments, scripts and insurance documentation.

Additional charges may be incurred in the event the SLCDA must repair or replace any airport property damaged by production operations, and/or if the SLCDA deems trash removal and cleaning is necessary after production operations are complete.

a. This consent and release does not include a consent or release of any other person or entity whose rights may be affected in any way by the footage or the production, including, without limitation, any airline, passenger, vendor, retailer, artist, City employee or other governmental agency.

b. This consent and release does not permit any portrayal or use for any purposes that create a misrepresentation or fraud, that are lewd, indecent or illegal, or in a manner that places City or airport in a false light or otherwise undermines the public trust.

SLCDA reserves the right to revoke permission and cease filming immediately if public safety or other operational concerns warrant.

Airport Filming Location Agreement


Insurance requirements vary depending on where the activity will be taking place. Regardless of location, all certificate of insurance must have Salt Lake City Corporation as the certificate holder and additional insured for all polices except workers’ compensation. 

Insurance Checklist