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Air Service Development

A New Era of Air Service

Salt Lake City is securing its position as a global aviation hub by building a brand new airport that will serve and grow with the region for decades to come. Replacing three aging terminals, The New SLC will be a state-of-the art facility with one large, central terminal and two linear concourses connected by a passenger tunnel, with more space and conveniences to give passengers a world-class airport experience. Already a major airline hub, SLC has long been a converging access point for the Intermountain West. Now, with the opening of The New SLC in 2020, a new era of air service begins with expanded domestic and international opportunities and an elevated passenger experience.

To learn more about The New SLC, click here.

Air Service Overview

As the 23rd busiest airport in the U.S. with nearly 400 daily departures, SLC is proud to play an integral role in the national air transportation system in addition to being a major economic engine for the state of Utah.

Air Service Dashboard

Click here to view SLC's Air Service Dashboard.

Air Service Development Recovery Plan

The immediate impact of COVID-19 has been substantial for the aviation industry and for SLC. In response to the unprecedented impact of the virus on the global economy and specifically the aviation industry, the airport has established an Air Service Development Recovery Plan. The purpose of the plan is to develop an air service strategy that will guide the airport to recovery through the following four cornerstone initiatives: airport, airline, community and consumer. The objective of the plan is to restore passenger air service at SLC to pre-pandemic levels as quickly and strategically as possible, returning the hub as the superior air access point for Utah and the Intermountain West.

Here is the latest draft of the Salt Lake City International Airport Air Service Development Recovery Plan. 

Economic Position

There’s a reason why SLC is one of the fastest growing large-hub airports in the country and why it’s poised for even more growth - Utah’s diverse and thriving economy.

Economic Update

Click here to view SLC's Economic Update for November 2020
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Click here to view SLC's Economic Update for September 2020.
Click here to view SLC's Economic Update for August 2020.
Click here to view SLC's Economic Update for July 2020.

Route Map & Flight Schedule

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Airline Incentive Program

Contact Nate Lavin (information below) for more information.

Airport Rates & Charges

Click here to view SLC’s Rates & Charges for FY2020.

Airport Traffic Statistics

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Contact Information

For more information about air service development, please contact Nate Lavin at 801-230-3876 or at