Vehicle Requirements

Company Markings 

All vehicles operating on the AOA (airport ramp), except those under escort, must have company markings on both sides. The markings must have letters at least two inches high in a contrasting color that are visible from a distance of 50 feet. Acceptable markings are magnetic signs, window placards, or those painted directly on the vehicle. 

Hand-generated signs are not authorized.


Airport-Issued Ramp Permits 

All vehicles operating on the AOA, except those under escort, must also have an airport-issued ramp permit.



Permits are available from the Access Control/ID Badging Office.



  • Non-traditional vehicles operated on the air operations area are not required to have a ramp access permit BUT must still meet the requirements for company markings. A non-traditional vehicle is one that through original design, intent or manufacture, was not intended for use on public streets, such as ATV’s, belt loaders, tugs, forklifts, and golf carts.
  • Equipment (backhoes, graders, etc.) that remains at the job site does not require a ramp permit and may be stored in the staging area; however, it must be identified with a company name or logo.  
  • Vehicles under escort are not required to have markings or a ramp permit.