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Access Level Request

This form must be completed for all access level changes. Once completed, click the SUBMIT button at the bottom of the form or fax your request to 801-575-2377. Please allow up to 24 hours for completion.

Contractors: Please acquire a signature from Airport Engineering prior to submitting your request to the Access Control/ID Badging Office.

This form must be completed and submitted to the Access Control/ID Badging Office immediately upon change of badge status (lost, stolen, terminated, resignation, or administrative deactivation). The badge must be returned to the Access Control/ID Badging Office within 24 hours of deactivation (unless lost/stolen). In addition to the $100 fee assessed for a non-returned badge, companies are also subject to a $100 fee for failure to notify the Airport of a badge status change.

SIDA Access Request (Concessionaires Only)

This form must be completed on company letterhead and submitted to the Access Control/ID Badging Office whenever SIDA access is requested, either for a new badge or to upgrade an existing Sterile Area Only badge.

Cleared Background Checks 

When your background check and security threat assessment have been completed, your name will be posted to the website. You (or your company) are responsible for checking for cleared results. Allow 5 to 14 days for clearance.

If your results have not cleared after 14 days, contact the Access Control/ID Badging Office for assistance.

Expiring Badge Report

This report lists badges that will expire in the next six weeks to assist you in scheduling reissue appointments.

Once a badge has expired, the individual must submit a renewal badge application signed by an authorized signer before the badge can be reissued.  If the badge has been expired for more than 30 business days, the individual must complete a new background check which will result in a $30.00 fee. 

Special Report Request

This form allows you to request a customized report. All reports include basic information such as first and last names, company, and sponsoring company’s name. Additional options that you may add to your report are provided. If an option you need is not provided, please check the box marked “other” and insert the material you wish to see on your report.

Sterile Area Pass Request

This form allows you to request a Sterile Area Pass. Please submit all requests at least one hour before the pass is needed. Have the individual and his/her escort meet in the Access Control/ID Badging Office to pick up the pass. At the time of pick-up, the individual must present his/her driver's license or other form of government-issued, pictured identification. 

Request an Invoice

Click here to send an email to request an invoice from the Badging Office.