Badging Frequently Asked Questions

The badge application has a section asking whether or not I authorize the release of my social security number. What does this mean?

SIDA badge applicants are required to include their social security number on the application; for all others, it is your choice whether the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) is allowed to see your social security number or not.  If you choose not to authorize this release, it is possible that your background check could take longer. The Access Control/ID Badging Office does not release personal information to any agency unless it is required under the current TSA security directive.

Can I use a photocopy of my identification documents?

No. The Access Control/ID Badging Office may only accept original documents.

How long will my background check take?

The length of time needed for a background check varies for each person, but generally takes anywhere from 5 to 14 days.

It has been more than 2 weeks since my information was submitted, and I still have not been cleared. Why?

There are several factors that can delay fingerprint or threat assessment clearance. If you have been waiting over 2 weeks for your clearance, contact the Access Control/ID Badging Office so that we can research your case.

I was born outside the United States. Will it take longer to complete my background check?

It is possible that the process may take a bit longer for those born outside of the country; however, providing sufficient documentation (listed on the badge application) will help expedite the process.

Can I get a temporary badge while I’m waiting for my background check to clear?

No; an applicant awaiting background check clearance may not be escorted and is therefore not eligible to receive a temporary badge.

I am still under 18 years of age. Can I obtain a badge?

Yes. Notarized parental consent on the badge application is required.

Can I transfer prior background check information to a new badge?

That depends on your situation. If you are currently badged, or if you previously had an active badge and it has been less than 30 business days since it was deactivated, you may transfer the information.  However, if it has been more than 30 business days since you had an active badge, you must submit to the entire background check process again.

How far in advance do I need to schedule an appointment with the Access Control/ID Badging Office?

There is no required time period; however, it is recommended that you schedule appointments as early as possible.

Are there any badging services that do not require an appointment?

No. As of July 1, 2022, an appointment is required for all badging services.

How long will my badge be valid?

This varies by company.  Most of the badges require renewal every 2 years, but some companies (including contractors) have a firm expiration date for all of their badges.

I have an employee who does not speak or understand English very well. Is he/she allowed to have a translator with them during training?

Interpreters are permitted for the computer-based training, but the following requirements must be observed:  an Interpreter Request form must be completed and signed by an authorized agent with the company; the interpreter must be a badge holder with at least the same level of access as the trainee will have; and the interpreter may not be a close friend or family member.

I have an active badge with one company and I’m taking a second job with another company at the airport. Do I need to get another badge?

Yes. You must display a badge that shows the company you work for while you are on duty.  For example, you may not display a Delta Air Lines badge while on duty for Southwest Airlines.

When can I renew my badge?

Badges can be renewed up to 6 weeks before the expiration date.

My badge has already expired. Can I still renew it?

As long as the badge has not been expired over 30 days it may be renewed.  If the badge expired more than 30 days ago, a new application must be submitted and fingerprinting is required.

How can I have access added to my badge?

An authorized signer with your company must submit an ID Badge Access Level Request form to the Access Control/ID Badging Office, listing the doors and/or devices to be added and the operational need for the change.

I left my badge at home. Can one of my coworkers escort me?

No. An active airport badge holder absolutely may not be escorted.

I recently changed my name. What do I need to do to change it on my badge?

You must present an official court document (such as a marriage certificate or divorce decree) to the Access Control/ID Badging Office to update your badge.

My badge was stolen.  Do I still have to pay a lost badge fee?

If you filed a police report listing the badge as stolen property, you will not be charged a fee as long as you provide the Access Control/ID Badging Office with the police report.  An authorized signature on the replacement form is still required.

Where can I get badging assistance when the Access Control/ID Badging Office is closed?

The Airport Control Center is able to issue sterile area passes and replace lost, stolen and damaged badges after hours.You may call the Airport Control Center at 801-575-2401.

Where can I park while I’m working?

You must make parking arrangements with your company.  Contractors will need to consult the Airport Engineering department.

If I am operating a vehicle on the ramp that does not require a permit, do I still need to have the ramp driving designation on my badge?

Yes. Anyone operating any type of motorized vehicle on the ramp must complete ramp driving training and have the proper designation on their badge.

Does a vehicle under escort need to have company markings?

No, only the vehicle conducting the escort needs proper markings and a ramp permit.

How many vehicles can I escort at a time?

One vehicle may escort up to 2 vehicles. Additional authorization is required if more than 2 vehicles will be escorted, and there may need to be both a lead vehicle and a following vehicle escorting the group.

I will be bringing a backhoe onto the ramp. Does it need to have a ramp permit?

Non-traditional vehicles such as backhoes and graders are not required to display ramp permits; however, they must have company markings on both sides.

Can I use my Utah Driving Privilege Card as a form of identification in the Badging Office?

No. The driving privilege card does not meet the I-9 requirements with which we must comply.