Authorized Signer Information

Each company must designate individuals who are authorized to sign for airport identification badges and keys. These individuals are also the points of contact for badging and security-related information.

As an authorized signer, the Access Control/ID Badging Office will inform you of important updates and changes via email. Please ensure that you contact us if your email address changes so you don't miss critical information.

Authorized Signer Requirements

  • Complete the required background check for the type of badge you will authorize. This includes a TSA security threat assessment and may also require an FBI fingerprint check.
  • Complete the same airport security training course(s) your employees are required to take.
  • Complete the authorized signer training course.

What Does Your Signature Acknowledge?

Your signature indicates the following:

  • The applicant has an operational need for an identification badge.
  • Authorizes the access the individual will be given to conduct their job duties (SIDA access vs. sterile area only).
  • Authorizes the Airport to process the badge application and issue a badge if the employee meets all badging requirements.
  • Your company agrees to pay all charges not paid by the applicant to obtain or replace a badge, including the cost for processing fingerprints.
  • Your company is responsible for any fines or penalties levied against the Airport in connection with badges issued to your employees.
  • Your company has complied with all laws relating to employing individuals who are not U.S. citizens, to include verifying the employee’s social security number and reviewing identification documents.

Authorized Signer Training Requirements

The TSA now requires that all authorized signers complete formal training every 12 months.

The training requirement is accomplished by completing a course on the Airport’s computer-based training system. The computer-based course includes test questions to demonstrate you understand your responsibilities as an authorized signer. This training takes approximately 45 minutes to complete.

Failure to remain current with this training requirement will result in the loss of your signing authority.