Infant Care

Facilities for caring for infants are located throughout the airport. Diaper changing tables are located in most of the men’s and women’s restrooms.

Rooms designated as “Special Needs” or “Infant Care” can accommodate private nursing. These rooms are in the lobbies of both terminals. They are also located beyond the security screening checkpoints. In Terminal One, there is a room in the middle of Concourse B. In Terminal Two, rooms are located at the top Concourse C, across from gate C-1, at the top of Concourse D, across from gates D-1 and D-6 and near gate E-60 in the lobby of Concourse E. 

The “Infant Care” rooms on Concourse B, at the top of Concourse C, at the top of Concourse D, near gates D-6 and E-60 accommodate private nursing without restroom facilities.