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Sun, May 22
Scheduled Time Departing To Flight # Status Gate
6:20 PM Denver UA2005 Scheduled B12
6:20 PM Phoenix WN2723 On Time B19
6:50 PM Los Angeles AS3395 Scheduled B10
6:50 PM Los Angeles WN1117 On Time B17
7:12 PM Seattle/Tacoma AS770 Scheduled
7:35 PM Denver WN773 On Time B18
8:00 PM Seattle/Tacoma AS241 Scheduled B10
8:35 PM Las Vegas WN2166 On Time B19
8:40 PM London-Heathrow, UK DL50 Scheduled A25
8:45 PM Tucson, AZ DL3963 Scheduled B6
8:45 PM Burbank DL3761 Scheduled B21
8:45 PM Kansas City DL1218 Scheduled A13
8:45 PM Oklahoma City DL3633 Scheduled A7
8:45 PM Palm Springs DL4001 Scheduled A14
8:45 PM Long Beach DL3892 Scheduled B4
8:46 PM Fresno, CA DL3778 Scheduled B3
8:51 PM Milwaukee DL2826 Scheduled B2
8:55 PM St. Louis DL2052 Scheduled A2
8:55 PM Los Angeles AS3307 Scheduled
8:59 PM Austin DL1388 Scheduled A4