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Tue, Oct 27
Scheduled Time Arriving From Flight # Status Gate
11:55 AM Las Vegas WN2366 On Time B19
12:02 PM Denver F9571 Scheduled B8
12:04 PM Atlanta DL858 Scheduled A15
12:17 PM Charlotte AA0807 Scheduled G1
12:20 PM Seattle/Tacoma AS968 Scheduled B10
12:27 PM Minneapolis/St. Paul DL1015 Scheduled A22
12:27 PM Houston-Bush UA318 Scheduled B14
12:29 PM Bozeman DL3852 Scheduled B6
12:35 PM Los Angeles DL1129 Scheduled A18
12:38 PM Las Vegas DL1610 Scheduled A14
12:42 PM Reno, NV DL3737 Scheduled A9
12:48 PM Grand Junction DL4325 Scheduled B23
12:50 PM Pocatello, ID DL4333 Scheduled B23
12:51 PM Twin Falls DL4251 Scheduled B23
12:52 PM Idaho Falls DL3668 Scheduled B3
12:53 PM Dallas/Ft. Worth AA1006 Scheduled B11
12:53 PM St. George DL4246 Scheduled B4
12:56 PM San Jose, CA DL3554 Scheduled B2
12:57 PM Kalispell DL3655 Scheduled A1
12:57 PM Spokane DL1474 Scheduled A16