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Thu, Oct 17
Scheduled Time Departing To Flight # Status Gate
10:00 AM Chicago ORD DL1264 ON TIME C02
10:05 AM Los Angeles AS3402 ON TIME G06
10:06 AM Kansas City DL2627 ON TIME C06
10:07 AM Newark DL1724 ON TIME D05
10:10 AM CO Springs DL4305 ON TIME E76
10:35 AM Seattle DL2140 ON TIME D11
10:39 AM Long Beach B6231 ON TIME G07
10:45 AM Las Vegas WN1284 DEPARTED F20
10:45 AM Omaha WN1284 DEPARTED F20
10:45 AM Denver UA3518 DEPARTED F05
10:55 AM Columbus, OH WN671 DEPARTED F17
10:55 AM Los Angeles WN671 DEPARTED F17
10:55 AM St Louis WN671 DEPARTED F17
11:00 AM Atlanta DL357 ON TIME C13
11:00 AM Los Angeles DL1348 ON TIME F03
11:00 AM Minneapolis DL308 ON TIME C11
11:00 AM New York JFK DL455 ON TIME D06
11:00 AM Billings DL3911 ON TIME F14
11:00 AM Helena DL3873 ON TIME E73
11:00 AM Twin Falls DL4234 ON TIME E70