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Mon, May 29
Scheduled Time Departing To Flight # Status Gate
10:00 AM Denver AC4500 DEPARTED B05
10:00 AM Minneapolis DL1280 ON TIME D13
10:00 AM Tucson DL4514 ON TIME B04
10:00 AM Denver UA5472 DEPARTED B05
10:12 AM Long Beach B61631 ON TIME A04
10:25 AM Dallas/Lovefld WN41 DEPARTED B17
10:25 AM Houston HOU WN41 DEPARTED B17
10:25 AM La Guardia WN41 DEPARTED B17
10:25 AM Phoenix WN41 DEPARTED B17
10:45 AM Burbank WN1523 DEPARTED B22
10:45 AM Sacramento WN1523 DEPARTED B22
11:00 AM Denver DL1660 ON TIME C11
11:00 AM Phoenix DL1279 ON TIME D11
11:00 AM Reno DL815 ON TIME C05
11:00 AM Billings DL4669 ON TIME B16
11:00 AM Butte DL7377 ON TIME E70
11:00 AM Calgary DL4840 ON TIME B06
11:00 AM Helena DL4714 ON TIME B14
11:00 AM Idaho Falls DL4590 ON TIME E65
11:00 AM Lewiston, ID DL7360 ON TIME E72