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Tue, Oct 27
Scheduled Time Departing To Flight # Status Gate
11:34 AM Los Angeles DL1142 Scheduled A21
11:35 AM Burbank DL3758 Departed A14
11:40 AM San Jose, CA DL1372 Scheduled A6
11:40 AM Orange County DL1439 Scheduled A1
11:42 AM Atlanta DL856 Scheduled A25
11:45 AM Tucson, AZ DL3820 Scheduled B3
11:45 AM Palm Springs DL3517 Scheduled B4
11:45 AM Reno, NV DL1569 Scheduled A5
11:45 AM Phoenix DL1515 Scheduled A4
11:49 AM Sacramento DL1432 Scheduled B22
11:50 AM Spokane DL1498 Scheduled A22
11:50 AM Los Angeles AA3100 Scheduled B13
11:55 AM Las Vegas DL1681 Scheduled A19
12:00 PM Dallas/Ft. Worth AA2367 Scheduled B11
12:00 PM Lewiston, ID DL4229 Scheduled B23
12:05 PM New Orleans DL672 Scheduled A12
12:06 PM Phoenix AA3105 Scheduled B15
12:10 PM Chicago-Midway WN182 On Time B18
12:10 PM Kalispell DL3725 Scheduled B6
12:13 PM Ontario, CA DL1421 Scheduled A3