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Airport Police FAQs

Are airport police different from other police officers?

Airport police officers are sworn peace officers with full police powers in the State of Utah. The SLCPD Airport Bureau is under the umbrella of the Salt Lake City Police Department. The police officers' primary duty is to patrol airport property, however, they are empowered by state law to take action outside of their designated patrol area if there is an immediate danger to a person's safety, or if they observe a crime in progress.

How do I request a police report?

Make an online request at the airport'sPublic Records page.  

Call 801-575-2470 during business hours and you will be put in contact with a person who can assist you.

Who can I call if I have a question or complaint about police procedures?

If you have a question about police procedures, comments, or wish to make a complaint, call the Airport Police station at (801) 575-2470 and ask for the Duty Sergeant.

What should I do if I'm involved in a traffic collision?

A person should first ensure there are no injuries. If nobody is injured, drivers should exchange information: driver's license numbers, vehicle license numbers, names, addresses, phone numbers, names of insurance companies, policy numbers, location of accident, date and time the accident occurred.

How do I report a traffic collision?

To report traffic collisions, call (801) 575-2401.

Who handles traffic in front of the terminal?

The personnel assigned to control traffic in front of the terminal are traffic enforcement officers. They are not police officers and do not have police authority, however, they do have the authority to issue parking citations and impound illegally parked vehicles from the curb.

How can I find out if my vehicle has been towed?

Contact the airport Control Center at (801) 575-2401 and provide the vehicle license plate number. They will check the status of the vehicle and will inform you if it has been impounded or towed to another location.

I applied for a security identification badge and was told I was disqualified. Why?

The airport is required to comply with strict federal guidelines regarding the issuing of security identification badges. If you have received a letter saying you are disqualified, it is because a criminal history check revealed a conviction that disqualified you in accordance with the Transportation Security Administration guidelines.

How can I contest a traffic or parking citation?

A person who receives a traffic citation may contest it by going through the process listed on the back of the citation. Parking citations have instructions on the back explaining the procedure for speaking to a hearing officer if you feel the citation was not warranted.

How do I compliment an officer's work?

You may compliment an officer's work by calling the Duty Sergeant at (801) 575-2470.

If I attempt to board an aircraft or enter screening with a firearm will I be arrested?

Yes. Only law enforcement officers and federally trained pilots are allowed to carry firearms through screening or aboard the aircraft. Contact your airline for instructions on how to legally and safely transport firearms/weapons. At a minimum, the unloaded weapon will need to be locked in a hard-sided gun case. The ammunition cannot be loose and will need to be in an ammunition box, preferably the box it was purchased in.

Why do airport police evacuate buildings and cause aircraft and traffic delays?

Occasionally situations arise which require that we secure areas of the airport terminal in the interest of public safety. Every effort is made to resolve these incidents as quickly as possible to minimize inconvenience. In all cases, the safety of the public and employees is our main concern.