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Salt Lake City East Side

Salt Lake City General Aviation is located on the east side of the airport property. It is served by two fixed base operators (FBOs) supporting corporate flying, law enforcement/fire/rescue flying services, medical air evacuation, recreational flying, flight training, air charters, government aviation, military aviation, and the transport of mail and newspapers. The Utah Air National Guard base is also located on the east side.

Airport Data 

Airport Elevation

4,227 feet above mean sea level (MSL)


The east runway is 9,596 feet long and 150 feet wide. It is oriented 17/35.   

Landside Facilities

The primary landside area at the airport consists of a linear layout, running north to south along the east side. Facilities include the Utah Air National Guard Base (SLAB), fixed base operator (FBO) facilities, maintenance hangar facilities, aircraft parking aprons (aircraft tie-down spaces managed by the FBOs), general aviation aircraft storage hangars (total combination of 226 T-hangars and shade hangars managed by the Salt Lake City Department of Airports), fuel storage facilities and access roadways. The Fixed Base Operators on site sell both jet A and 100 low-lead aviation gasoline. Fixed base operators offer a variety of services including rental cars, catering and transportation. Aircraft maintenance facilities are available on the airfield.

Fixed Base Operators (FBOs)



Atlantic Aviation


SLC East Side


(385) 715-7192

Signature Flight Support
Signature Flight Support

SLC East Side

(801) 359-2085