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Financial Information

The Salt Lake City Department of Airports is an enterprise fund of Salt Lake City Corporation. The airport is financially self-sustaining with revenue generated from airline and other tenant fees, grants, passenger facility charges (PFC), rental car customer facility charges (CFC), concessions, vehicle parking, fuel, and leases for office and hangar space. The Airport operates three facilities – Salt Lake City International Airport, South Valley Regional Airport at West Jordan, and Tooele Valley Airport.

The Department of Airports has approximately 500 employee positions and is responsible for managing, developing, and promoting airports that provide quality transportation facilities and services, and a convenient travel experience. The airport is committed to a budget that provides positive financial benefits, including keeping the cost to airlines reasonably low, funding important capital projects that will improve airport safety and security, addressing customer service needs, maintaining aging facilities while designing new facilities, creating jobs, and providing economic stimulus to the City and State’s economy.

Annual Comprehensive Financial Reports

Budget Book 

Passenger Facility Charge Quarterly Reports

Airport Rates and Rental Fees

Airport Rates and Rental Fees, FY 2025

Airport Redevelopment Program Economic Impact Analysis