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Airport Rescue and Fire Fighting (ARFF)

Salt Lake City Fire Department (SLCFD) firefighters respond to fire and medical emergencies at the Salt Lake City International Airport. These specialized firefighters receive certified training for incidents unique to an airport. This special category of firefighting involves response, hazard mitigation, evacuation and possible rescue of passengers and crew of an aircraft involved in an airport ground emergency.

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The Salt Lake City International Airport was home to an ARFF Training Center from 1997 through 2018, and played an important role for 21 years in training thousands of firefighters from around the world. It was the first FAA approved ARFF Training Center in the Western United States. After thoughtful consideration, a decision was made to close the ARFF Training Center effective June 30, 2018. Due to the age of the Center, the projected costs to maintain, upgrade and operate the facility could not be justified.