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Building a new terminal complex is a massive undertaking, but the end result will be well worth the effort. The SLC Airport's existing facilities have served passengers well, but it's time to make way for the next generation of airport design.

What will the New SLC include? Find out.

Countdown to The New SLC

Coming September 2020!

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Holiday Travel Season Starts at SLC International

Thanksgiving weekend marked the beginning of the holiday travel season. Salt Lake City International Airport Volunteer Ambassadors are here to help make a passenger's experience at SLC more enjoyable.

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Terminal Drive Shift

Terminal Drive, leading into the airport,  is shifting back to a straight path on Oct. 12. The road shifted in October, 2017, to allow crews to work on the entrance to the elevated roadway leading into The New SLC. Please follow the posted speed limit and directional signs. Click here for a map of Terminal Drive. Click here for a map of the changes to Terminal Drive


F Gate sign

Concourse B renamed Concourse F

Concourse B has been renamed Concourse F as part of The New SLC Airport Redevelopment Program. When the first phase of The New SLC opens in 2020, the new concourses will be named A and B, so the existing concourses are being renamed in advance. Concourse A was renamed Concourse G in May.