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Runway 34R PCC Joint Repairs

Project starts: 09/16/2013
Completion date: 06/21/12013
Estimated budget: $345,287

Monthly Updates

The bid opening for this project was held on August 8, 2012. The successful low bidder is Cache Valley Electric. A construction notice to proceed was issued to the Contractor on Septemer 3, 2012. Submittals are currently being processed.

No update.

The Contractor has bored and installed a 4" conduit under Runway 16L/34R, Taxiway G and Taxiway H as well as under both ends of Runway 17/35. Installation of FuturePath microduct and innerduct in the new conduits for the installation of fiber optic cables is on-going.

The Contractor is currently placing the 288 strand fiber in the north electrical vault and has started running the fiber from the north lighting vault to the south lighting vault. Installation of the remaining innerduct is ongoing but has been delayed due to poor weather conditions.

This project has been delayed due to inclement weather and muddy conditions, causing site access restrictions in the airfield to install fiber optic cable. A favorable bid created an opportunity to perform additional change order work within the original project budget. The original contract completion work scheduled for May 4, 2013 has been extended by 88 days for a new contractual completion date of May 31, 2013.

This project has started up again after a delay due to inclement weather. Work on the east side of the airport is still hampered by muddy conditions. The Contractor continues to install innerducts and fiber optic cables between the various buildings on the Airport campus.

The Contractor continues to install innerducts along 2200 North and between Taxiways H and G.

The Contractor continues with the fiber optic installation along Taxiway K between K1 and K2. Runway 17/35 will close at night for a pull across the north end of the runway. Runway 14/32 and Runway 17/35 will close at night for a pull across the south end of the runways.

A final walk through for this project was held on June 12, 2013 with no outstanding punch list items. The project is substantially complete.

The apparent low bidder for this project is Granite Construction. A pre-construction meeting was held on September 12, 2013 with a notice to proceed issued to the contractor for September 15, 2013.

Substantial completion for this project was issued to the contractor on September 16, 2013. The contractor is currently working on punch list items.

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