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Thu, Jul 27
Scheduled Time Departing To Flight # Status Gate
10:00 AM Chicago ORD AA2969 ON TIME A03
10:00 AM Raleigh-D'ham DL1896 ON TIME D12
10:04 AM Portland AS3499 ON TIME A06
10:04 AM Portland AS3368 ON TIME A06
10:05 AM London Hthrw DL194 ON TIME D10
10:05 AM Philadelphia DL194 ON TIME D10
10:05 AM Burbank WN2146 ON TIME B20
10:05 AM Las Vegas WN2146 ON TIME B20
10:06 AM Boston DL2931 ON TIME C13
10:10 AM Orange County WN430 ON TIME B17
10:10 AM Phoenix WN430 ON TIME B17
10:12 AM Denver UA3756 ON TIME B05
10:35 AM Denver WN1717 ON TIME B19
10:35 AM Orange County WN1717 ON TIME B19
10:55 AM Phoenix AS6591 ON TIME A01
10:55 AM Phoenix AA483 ON TIME A01
11:00 AM Phoenix DL699 ON TIME C08
11:00 AM Reno DL976 ON TIME C04
11:00 AM Vancouver DL2804 ON TIME D08
11:00 AM Billings DL4479 ON TIME B12