Current Airport

New Terminal

New & Renovated

New Roadway System &
Light Rail Station

New Parking Garage,
Rental Car Facility &
Utility Plant




































Existing Terminals Replaced

The new building will replace the existing Terminals 1 and 2 and the International Arrivals Building. Terminals 1 and 2 will be demolished when the new terminal opens; parts of the IAB may be renovated pending future decisions.


Nearly 700,000 Square Feet

The new terminal will be a nearly 700,000-square-foot building located directly west of the existing short-term parking terrace.


Three Levels

The new terminal will have three levels. Proposed functions for each are:


   LEVEL 1

Level 1 will provide curbside lanes for passenger drop-off from commercial vehicles (taxis and buses), international baggage claim, employee security screening, and the baggage-handling system.


   LEVEL 2

Level 2 will include pedestrian bridges to the parking terrace and to the roadway system for arriving passengers to meet motorists picking them up. Level 2 also includes domestic baggage claim, TSA security checkpoints, restaurants and stores, and access to gates in the concourses.


   LEVEL 3

Level 3 will house airline ticketing and check-in counters. Motorists can drop off departing passengers on this level. After ticketing, departing passengers will descend to Level 2 for security and access to gates. Airport administration offices will also be located on Level 3.