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Salt Lake City Eastside


Salt Lake City International Airport General Aviation is located on the eastside of SLCIA. It is served by two fixed base operators (FBO) supporting corporate flying, law enforcement/fire/rescue flying services, medical air evacuation, recreational flying, flight training, air charters, government aviation, military aviation, and the transport of mail and newspapers. The Utah Air National Base is located on the eastside.

Airport Data

Airport Elevation

4,227 feet above mean sea level (MSL)


The east runway is 9,596 feet long and 150 feet wide. It is oriented 17/35.   

Landside Facilities

Fixed Base Operators

TAC Air Salt Lake (801-359-2085)

Flight Schools (fixed wing)

Cornerstone Aviation (801-355-2244)
WestMinster College Flight Training (801-832-2910)

Flight Schools (helicopter)

Upper Limit Aviation (801-561-7722)

Hangar Leasing

Contact Phil Bevan at 801-575-2957 for hangar leasing information.
Current general aviation hangar waiting list - SLC Eastside (PDF)

Fast Facts

SLCIA Fast Facts

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Travel FAQs

Travel FAQs

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