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Providing Ground Transportation in Salt Lake City

These requirements are applicable to all persons and companies providing commercial ground transportation services in Salt Lake City, including Salt Lake City International Airport. This guide is for general information purposes only. All ground transportation providers must comply with the specific requirements of Salt Lake City Ground Transportation Ordinances, Rules and Regulations.


Ground Transportation ordinances are addressed in Salt Lake City Code Sections 5.71, 5.72, 16.60, and 16.64. Business licensing requirements for anyone doing business in Salt Lake City, including ground transportation providers, are set forth in Title 5, Salt Lake City Code. All provisions of the Salt Lake City Code can be located Here


Salt Lake City International Airport Rules and Regulations can be found CLICK HERE

A ground transportation provider insurance checklist can be found CLICK HERE

  1.  To begin the process of registering a new ground transportation company for operations within Salt Lake City, you must first register your company name with the Utah State Department of Commerce.
  2. Once this step is completed, you must secure a Salt Lake City Business License for providing Ground Transportation Service.

  3. Next, you must register your company with the Salt Lake City Department of Airports Ground Transportation Administration Office.

   A.   Business Registration - You will need to complete a "Ground Transportation Registration Form" and provide it, along with your documentation from the Utah Department of Commerce and Salt Lake City Business Licensing. These documents may be emailed to SLCAirportGT@slcgov.com, faxed to 801-908-7220, mailed to or brought into the Salt Lake City Department of Airports Ground Transportation Administration Office. Office hours are Monday through Friday 8:00 am to 4:30 pm (closed 12:00-1:00 and holidays).

Mailing address and office location:

Salt Lake City Department of Airports
Ground Transportation Administration
218 North 2200 West
Salt Lake City, UT  84116

 B. Vehicle registration and inspection - You must register with the Ground Transportation Administration Office all vehicles that will be operating in Salt Lake City. You must obtain an appointment for each vehicle that you need to register. Appointments can be made through an email request at SLCAirportGT@slcgov.com, or by calling the office at 801-908-7204 or 801-908-7205. Bring with you all required documents for review and verification, including:

  • State registration and licensing documents

  • Vehicle Insurance: (see checklist)

    • Certificate of Liability for Insurance in the amounts required by Salt Lake City Ordinance. Vehicles with a seating capacity 1-15 passengers must have a minimum automobile liability insurance amount of $1.5 million.

    • Vehicles with a passenger seating capacity of 16 or above must have a minimum automobile liability insurance amount of $5 million.

    • All policies must name Salt Lake City Corporation as an additional insured.

  • Current Salt Lake County Vehicle Emissions Inspection.

Vehicles will be inspected by the Ground Transportation Administration Office to assure compliance with the Rules and Regulations associated with Salt Lake City Ordinance 5.71.150.



Ground transportation comments:
(801) 575-2730 or airportinfo@slcgov.com

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